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Marcia is available to consult or produce long or short-form content for cable, web or streaming platforms.

Development:  Marcia has extensive experience in production as well as development.  She is available to consult on projects, both large and small.  Recently she has worked with production companies such as My Entertainment, Nkonoki Entertainment Group and the digital media company, Hooplaha developing content for cable, web and OTT streaming platforms. 

She will leverage her industry relationships for content she believes in and knows the ins and outs of making a sale with a buyer.

Production: Marcia can take on projects independently from ideation to delivery.   

Current Work: Marcia is currently an Executive Producer on a new series and storytelling platform called UNTOLD scheduled to launch on Chicken Soup for the Soul's Crackle in the fall of 2020.  

Several years back,  she collaborated with educators to create a curriculum based cooking series funded by The National Science Foundation staring Food Network's Jamika Pessoa, now playing on

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